C&H Group brings private sector knowledge

INFRASTRUCTURE: C&H Group brings private sector knowledge, expertise and innovation to infrastructure associated with advancing socioeconomic development and provision of efficient public services that can deliver greater value for money relative to traditional procurement methods. In this context, C&H Group maximizes risk-adjusted returns for different governments and companies through the development, acquisition and operation of Social Infrastructure Assets. In evaluating Social Infrastructure Asset opportunities, C&H Group provides pioneering management solutions to ventures such as Health (Medical and Ancillary), Education (Schools, Tertiary, Student Residential), Housing ( Public, Defense Force), Civic and Utilities (Community and Sport Facilities), and Transportation (Airports, Bridges, Roads, Dams, Electricity Energy, Waste collection, Waste to Energy, Telecommunications, Water Supply, etc.). Infrastructure Assets are considered to be social importance in multiple ways that will facilitate faster economic development, shape human society and vice versa.


C&H Group brings private sector knowledge

AIRPORT & AIRFIELD DEVELOPMENT:With the unique factors involved in meeting the ever-growing air travelers from emerging markets, airport infrastructure development has become a major preoccupation of governments and airline carriers in developing countries. C&H Group has identified this as one of the sectors that need to be modernized to fully benefit the same level of revenues that are being generated by the developed world. C&H Groups established themselves as proven partners in the field of aviation construction with emerging and developing countries in Africa, Asia & the Middle East. Our team of aviation experts fully understand the growing demand placed on the need of efficient air services with airfields equipped with the latest available technology. C&H Group works diligently to meet the client’s needs, with efficient execution, affordable cost and minimal disturbance.


in the recent years, global renewable energy industry has had

In the recent years, global renewable energy industry has had rapid technological development that many economically developing and emerging countries have started using wind, solar and other renewable energy resources as their alternative to non-renewable sources of energy in order to combat global warming and climate change. Promotion and diversification of the energy resource industry has become necessary for these countries to meet domestic energy security, and promote and attract foreign investment.

These are exciting times in the energy industry as can be seen from the above and C&H Groups sees a convergence of trends in society that are driving the transition to a world powered by clean source of energy. C&H Groups work with power companies in collaboration with industry experts for the sake of our stakeholders to design and implement programs that streamline deployment of local available renewable energy resources. Our mission is to help meet the world’s demand for clean, sustainable energy by identifying optimal energy programs that has proven advanced capabilities in pursuit of additional reliable, renewable energy supplies that brings as much as possible cost effective and efficient energy supplies to the market.


C&H Group has the right balance of technical expertise, project management

C&H Group has the right balance of technical expertise, project management, and required relationships with several governments and corporations with countries where it operates to transform natural resources for ultimate use in order to have fast economic and social developments..These key skills are paramount to our ability to assist our clients to achieve an optimum development plan for their hydrocarbon discoveries. As industry players, C&H Group partners and works in close cooperation with its clients and specialists to provide expertise in planning, financing and execution services to support key stages of the client's decision-making process. Bureaucracy does not encumber it so C&H Group works quickly to create value for our clients and industry partners.

Project Financing

Securing financing for projects can prove to be a critical step in the path to achieving success. C&H can help facilitate your project by arranging financing in the areas of Infrastructure Development and Humanitarian Projects. In particular, C&H wants to help our clients secure financing for projects that aid in projects that will advance and expand the lives of its global citizens.